BAKE & CHURN is the newest and most exciting venture of SNOW JOE CREAM COOLERS, INC. The concept itself was developed and perfected by Mrs. Jasmin R. Hernandez – Basuil. Also, all cake designs and procedure were fully experimented and perfected in her kitchen. Here, we offer premium-grade ice cream sandwiched in a dome or roll cake, decorated with quality ingredients, and finished to be a delight to the eyes. 

BAKE & CHURN products are practically a fusion of two desserts - rich cake and delectable ice cream, one that is sure to become your customers’ new favorite, with six distinct products for them to love: Dome Cakes, Log Cakes, Chilly Cups, Ice Cream to Go!, Black Forest Bar, and Ice Cream Scoops of Scoop-a-Cake. 

What’s the secret when travelling with our ice cream cakes? It’s the Box! Our boxes are specially customized for our cakes. So, whether you bring them with you for 3 minutes or 3 hours, the cake stays sturdy. So, no worries! 

Dome Ice Cream Cakes   Log Ice Cream Cakes     Chilly Cups
Black Forest       Chocolate Ganache
Choco Mousse   Classic Log Cakes   Midnight Cookies & Cream
Cookies & Cream   Chocolate   Coffee Toffee Crumble
French Chocolate   Ube   Rocky Road
Mango Madness       Ube
Midinight Cookies & Cream   Premium Log Cakes    
Rocky Road   Rocky Road   Bake and Churn Bars
Strawberry Cheesecake   Black Forest   Black Forest 6pcs/Pack
Ube Cake   Strawberry Cheescake   Black Forest Single
Red Velvet        Astuce clash Royale
    Ice Cream to Go!    
Scoop-A-Cake   Black Forest    
Black Forest   Capuccino Brownie    
Butter Sansrival   Strawberry Cheesecake    
Fudge Brownies        
Mango Sansrival        
Strawberry Cheese Cake        
Cappuccino Brownies        


MILKO Scooping Stations has been the constant favorite among the ice cream servers found in major malls, commercial centers, and even schools. Since, its inception about 10 years ago (by the company which served as the predecessor of SNOW JOE CREAM COOLERS, INC.), the brand has boasted of its Pinoy-inspired and well-loved flavors. This has turned the ice cream brand into what it is today, quality-made, constantly available, affordable, and palatable to the Pinoy taste buds of all ages. 

A MILKO Scooping Station can boast of 15 flavors at any one time. This is more than any of the other competitors in the market now. These flavors range from the classic to the more distinct (i.e. can only be found with MILKO.) We currently serve the following flavors:

Buco Salad Cookies & Cream Rocky Road
Butter Double Dutch Strawberry
Cheese Halo-Halo Tiramisu
Chocolate Mango Ube Langka
Coffee Crumble Midnight Cookies & Cream Vanilla  



Our SNOW JOE Ice Cream Novelties have been the hit among the common people in areas where we are located. These are affordable yet deliciously-made ice cream products enjoyed by the young and the young at heart. Our distributors and dealers cover the areas of Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Baguio City, Pangasinan, La Union, Cavite, Batangas, Laguna and Metro Manila.Delicious Ice Cream that's affordable!

The products comprise of Premium Cones, Mini-Cones, Premium Cups, Premium Bars, Buco Salad Bars, Milko Pops, Rice Crispies, Pint, Liter, Half Gallon, and Gallon. All of them come in varying flavors.

The company also keeps its own roster of micro-enterprises who are looking for an augment to their household income by selling ice cream in their locations. Our battleship program for this is the “Instant Negosyo.” Our sales agents invite willing individuals to take in a free-for-use small freezer. In exchange of this, he /she is now able to order and sell the company’s frozen delights. For a very eager entrepreneur, the profit may range from Php 1,000 to Php 4,000 per month.

Milko pops Buko Salad Bars
Premium Cones Pint
Premium Cups Liter
Mini Cones
Half Gallon
Premium Bars 1 Gallon